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Greenspace provides refreshing alternatives to the business-as-usual methods of creating trade show exhibits and environments. We are experts on a mission to re-evaluate and replace traditional materials, techniques and operational procedures with eco friendly methods. Our goal is to achieve complete sustainability sending nothing to the landfill. Our clients benefit from our team's expertise in creating successful trade show exhibits and environments. We: Impress clients with cutting edge design. Craft high-end exhibits using a multitude of fabrication techniques. Exceed expectations with our service. Because we've launched our company with sustainability in mind, we are in the unique position of starting with a clean slate. Our company is rooted in green not retrofit.

Building a sustainable company from the ground up has many advantages. At Greenspace, we: Focus on sustainable, recycled and recyclable materials and finishes. Continually research and maintain a library of green materials and suppliers. Partner with local supplieras to reduce carbon emissions from shipping. Integrate emerging techniques in sustainable manufacturing and new green materials. Re-use and re-purpose existing components whenever possible. Develop and maintain high end rental properties fabricated from sustainable materials. Belong to The Oregon Natural Step Network which supports Oregon businesses in establishing a framework for sustainability.

Prior to launching, the Greenspace team applied their expertise to the operations of several top trade show design and fabrication firms. We then co-founded one of the country's most sophisticated and fastest-growing traditional design and fabrication companies. For us Greenspace represents the apex of our careers – the convergence of what we do best with what we know is important. Prior to joining Greenspace, our team members: Engineered and fabricated some of the largest and most complex trade show exhibits ever built. Partnered with top designers to bring their vision to fruition. Worked with companies ranging from hot start-ups to established corporate leaders. Earned a myriad of design awards. Now we are all starting from scratch because we want to do things the right way. We invite you to join us.

Greenspace provides the services you need to bring your project from concept to completion – using sustainable methods and materials. Conceptual design and renderings. Value and structural engineering. High quality fabrication. On-site supervision and coordination of services. Show services and logistical planning. Program management. Storage and maintenance. Custom rental solutions. Greenspace clients are progressive companies who want to make a statement without leaving a footprint.

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